"Creative thinking. Strategic advantage."

MG Media, A New Jersey Advertising Agency.

Public Relations

Create and Sustain Awareness.

A new era of public relations is upon us. The opportunity to communicate instantly, to shape perceptions and to change behaviors has never been greater. At MG Media, we harness the power of traditional, digital and social media to give businesses fresh and powerful ways to connect with consumers.

We have extensive branding marketing expertise, and appreciate the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with the public. By identifying your values and potential markets, we can determine the different outlets through which your audience can be reached. We also maintain an extensive list of media contacts to ensure you get the right exposure in the right places.

Website Development

Be discovered.

It’s easy to get lost in the infinity of cyberspace. As the world’s largest marketplace, the internet has become the search tool of choice for a growing number of prospective consumers. That’s why creating a clear identity and promoting it online is vital.

At MG Media, we know that website development requires big-picture thinking about brand, business strategy, technology and desired results. We plan, design, develop and launch your custom website to meet your company’s unique needs, and provide you with the tools and best practices to manage your online presence effectively. Whether you are looking to shorten your sales cycle, need help managing your blog, or simply want to raise your product and service awareness


Fresh. Versatile. Engaging.

The big sell is not just a big yell. It’s about accomplishing the most with the least. Identifying the target audience and redoubling its response. True creativity means making the right promise to the right people at the right time and place. It’s what NJ ad agency MG Media does best. It’s what makes our ad campaign development innovative, memorable and motivating.

The most successful ad campaigns are succinct, well branded and instantly recognizable. MG Media ensures the ad design, copy and delivery are appropriate for achieving your overall objectives with measurable results. Whether your campaign is print, digital, online, television or radio, our team will ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish, on budget.