Cross-Media Exposure

Be everywhere you can be.

It’s a simple idea. Be everywhere you can be. Be everywhere your audience might be. And, of course, stay within budget and on message. Paper or pixel? How about both! These days, planning out your marketing strategy involves thinking about both print and digital, and cross-linking the two.

In this new world of integrated marketing, we don’t just mail postcards, place ads and hope for the best. We anticipate behavior, compare and tweak user experiences, and strive to deliver content appropriate to the consumer and the context. Of course no one can be everywhere at once. But renowned branding agency MG Media is committed to assessing which of these platforms will enhance your position in a sustainable and meaningful way.

We have experience building campaigns that build brand awareness – for instance, providing consumers with a direct mail piece enticing them to visit a website for a free video presentation, and then urging visitors to enter a contest for promotional items which involves capturing personal information to be used for future communication. It’s really a marketing triumph!