Logo And Stationery Design

A graphic representation of your identity

Sit back and glance around your office or home. How many logos do you see? What do these logos mean to you? Logos convey more information than just the product or service the company provides. They’re symbols of the quality of their products or services – they help you remember your experience with a company, the quality of their offering and whether or not you will purchase from them again.

Your logo is your first and most lasting impression to your clients, and will be a focus point for all integrated marketing pieces – from your stationery and corporate materials to your website, collateral and presentations. Whether you are starting a small business or are an established company searching for a stronger corporate identity, New Jersey marketing company MG Media can help.

For us, it’s more than just making a pretty graphic. We get inside your head and your business. We uncover what your company does, what it does well, what your company culture is all about and what your business values are. We discover what drives you and where the passion lies in your business.

Your logo affects the look and feel of everything you do. And with the proper implementation, it will only continue to get stronger over time. And once the logo is developed, MG Media offers stunning stationery designs to showcase it. Our standard package consists of a letterhead, envelope and business card, but we can provide a whole host of other options.