TV Video – 3D Animation

Ideas that move

Video is power. And great video begins with understanding your audience and message from all sides, then creating a way to connect the two with a compelling story. You can have all the nifty effects in the world, but if you don’t start with a great idea and content, it’s just lipstick on a pig.

NJ marketing agency MG Media fuses the right ingredients to bring your ideas to life. From storyboarding and script writing to getting it to the media, we enable you to achieve stunning visual communication for any marketing objective. We can communicate your story in any medium you desire – radio and television advertising, local cable advertising, web broadcasts, DVDs and conference displays. And if you’re concerned about cost and hoping for the best television commercial rates in New Jersey, regionally or nationally, you’ve found them. We produce television commercials for both budget-conscious small businesses and multi-national corporations, and everything in between.